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Hi, I'm Fred Horch. I'm running to be your Representative to the Legislature.

I ask for your vote. If you live in Maine House District 49 in Brunswick, you'll see my name on your ballot as "Horch, K. Frederick."

With the right team in Augusta, we can provide state funding for public education to support good schools and lower property taxes; we can make solar more affordable to grow a stronger and more sustainable economy; and we can guarantee health insurance to protect our well being and safety. If we bring people together across party lines to solve problems, we will make Maine work better for everyone.

Can I count on your support?


Fred Horch
Brunswick, Maine

P.S. If you are a supporter, please consider helping with volunteering, fundraising and name recognition. Thanks!

Fred Horch for Maine State Rep
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Fred Horch for Representative to the Legislature in District 49, Brunswick, Maine. This is the public Facebook group for the Horch for Maine 2020 Campaign.

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If you live in District 49, you can support me with a clean election contribution.

Use the Maine Clean Election Act - Online Qualifying Contribution Service to make a clean election contribution. Answer where you are registered to vote, click next to my name in the list of candidates, then use a credit card to contribute $5 to the Maine Clean Election Fund.

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