Fred Horch for Maine Representative

Clean Elections Candidate for House District 49


Fred is a small business owner and former attorney. He and his family have lived in downtown Brunswick for almost twenty years. He is running as a Green Independent to help get important work done in Augusta.

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Fred's focus as a legislator will be more effective government to get more value from every tax dollar, clean energy to grow our economy, and universal health care to protect our well being.

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You can support Fred by volunteering or by contributing $5 to clean elections on his behalf.

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I am running to represent Brunswick as our next Representative to the Maine Legislature for House District 49 (the western half of town). If elected, I will work diligently for laws that protect our environment, safeguard our well being, and grow our economy so we can all enjoy healthier, happier and longer lives.

I hope to earn your support and your vote.


Fred Horch
Brunswick, Maine
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