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for Maine House District 49

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My wife Hadley and I and our three children have lived, worked and played in Brunswick for almost twenty years. In that time, I have done my best to serve our community, both as a business owner and an active volunteer.

I am running for Representative to the Maine Legislature to help enact laws that protect our environment, safeguard our well being, and grow our economy so we can all enjoy healthier, happier and longer lives.

As a former attorney, I understand how to change our laws to make Maine work better for everyone. Good people in both parties try to make a difference, but the real problem is that too many of our laws are written by lobbyists for special interests, not by legislators for everyone. If we can elect more legislators who are ready to dive into the details, rather than lean on party platforms, we'll have a better chance against the lobbyists.

I hope to earn your support and your vote, so I can use my experience to help Maine work better for you.


Fred Horch
Brunswick, Maine

P.S. If you support clean elections, please contribute $5 on my behalf to help me qualify for funding. Thanks!

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