Fred Horch Campaigns for Maine House

Thursday, January 30, 2020
Brunswick, Maine

Change will be coming to Brunswick’s political landscape this year. We will be electing someone new to be our next Representative to the Maine Legislature for District 49 (the western half of Brunswick).

I am very happy to announce that I am in that race. I believe that I can be an effective legislator working with colleagues to improve the ability of our state government to address pervasive pollution, persistent poverty, disabling addiction, chronic underemployment, technological disruption, political dysfunction, and soaring costs for health care and education. I hope to earn your trust and support so I can be a part of the solution to these challenges and more by representing you in Augusta.

As citizens of this great state of Maine in these powerful United States on this beautiful, precious planet Earth, we have the freedom to advocate for our beliefs, to join the political party of our choice, to run for office, and to vote. By thoughtfully exercising our rights, we honor those who have sacrificed to protect them. Our state motto (“Dirigo”) encourages each of us to do what we can to lead the way to a better future for everyone.

My wife Hadley and I and our three children have lived, worked and played in Brunswick for almost twenty years. In small ways, I have done my best to serve our community, both as a business owner and an active volunteer. My company, Spark Applied Efficiency, helps local businesses and organizations be more efficient, helping to conserve resources and lower energy prices for everyone. Being on the board and supporting the work of the MidCoast Hunger Prevention Program, the Rotary Club of Brunswick, and the NorthWest Brunswick Neighborhood Association has been a privilege and an honor.

You may recall my store, F. W. Horch Sustainable Goods & Supplies, which was located on Maine Street years ago. While much has changed since then, Brunswick remains a vibrant place for businesses, old and new. Not only do we welcome and support businesses, but we welcome and support people in our community. As the parent of a captain of our high school soccer team, I was able to welcome and get to know several families seeking a new life in our country. They bring diversity to Brunswick, and just happen to be raising a fine group of very talented soccer players. Go Dragons!

In these contentious political times, I am running as a Green Independent, not to be a protest candidate but to be a bridge between Democrats and Republicans who can agree that a healthy environment must be a top priority. To gather insight across political persuasions, I have started to meet with every town councilor and school board member. I am also knocking on the door of every registered voter to talk with people of all walks of life in every neighborhood to understand what you want our state government to do.

As a former attorney and frequent contributor of testimony in committee hearings, if elected I will arrive in Augusta ready and able to participate knowledgeably in policy discussions. The media covers politics as war, but fighting is not the best way to make public policy. Legislators who are reasonable, open minded, well informed and diligent get things done.

I look forward to learning what is important to you as I seek to earn your support and your vote this year.

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