Fred Horch on the Maine State Budget

The 130th Legislature is likely to pass a budget that is vastly different than the one the 129th passed. We have had to shut down large parts of our economy as an emergency measure to protect public health. We probably won't know the full economic impact of that until after our election.

As a consequence, we will need to find ways to stretch every tax dollar so our state government can continue to provide essential services.

For every item in our state budget my criteria are

  1. Is it necessary?
  2. Is it fair?
  3. Is it effective?

Our next state budget will be tough. We probably won't have enough to do everything we should. We certainly can't afford to waste any money on ineffective government programs.

If we are able to recover quickly from the economic impact of coronavirus, my priority as your legislator will be to change how the state does its budget, to prioritize education so the Governor and Legislature working together can meet their responsibility to provide funding to every school district in Maine at the 55% level determined by statewide referendum.

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