Fred Horch Virtual Voting Record

Our current state rep, Mattie Daughtry, is termed out. So, this November we must elect someone new to represent us in the Maine House.

As a voter, I like to examine the voting record of the candidates. Campaign promises are one thing, but a candidate's voting record often tells a different story.

To help you decide whether you want me to represent Brunswick in Augusta next year, I will be evaluating every bill proposed in the 129th Legislature and explaining the vote I would have taken had I been our state rep. That will get me up to speed on all the new state laws, and provide a "virtual voting record" so you can make an informed decision about me as our next representative.

*Update: I'm still working on this, but first I've had to devote more time to other parts of our campaign. Feel free to drop me a line or give me a call about any issue, let me know how you feel or what your questions are, and I'll prioritize my research and let you know what I think.

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