Systemic Change for a Better Future

Fair Elections

We can make more effective use of public funding to ensure fair elections that provide voters an opportunity to consider all candidates.

Rather than clean election funding for candidates to use to buy lawn signs and glossy postcards, Maine's clean election system can provide a website for each race where all candidates can share information with voters well in advance of the election.

Once candidates have met the qualifications to appear on a ballot, they should be provided an equal opportunity to post information about themselves and their policy ideas on a public election website that is designed to allow voters to compare their candidates. A postcard should be mailed to all registered voters letting them know how to access the public election website, including provisions for those without Internet access and those with visual impairments.

Ask your legislators to propose legislation that makes better use of Internet technology to conduct fair elections in Maine.

Independent Parties

You can support independent parties to provide more choice at the polls and to strengthen the diversity of viewpoints in our legislature.

Independent parties are independent of both the Democratic and the Republican parties. In addition, an independent party has the following characteristics:

  1. Financial independence from the special interests that fund Democrats and Republicans.
  2. A open primary that gives unenrolled (independent) voters an opportunity to choose the party's candidates.
  3. Core values that define the party, rather than policy positions.

Support independent parties to allow independent candidates to compete against candidates from the major parties without having to raise money from special interests.

Inclusive Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting is an improvement over exclusive choice voting, but inclusive choice voting is better.

Also called "approval voting," inclusive choice voting allows voters to choose "For" or "Against" every candidate. The candidate with the most "For" votes wins.

Inclusive choice voting solves the "split the vote" problem and allows voters to express a more honest choice when they cast a ballot. It is simple and easy to understand and provides a result immediately, unlike ranked choice voting. Furthermore, it is constitutional for all races in Maine.

Ask your legislators to propose legislation for inclusive choice voting so we can use this better voting system for all elections in Maine.

Full Representation

The Maine Legislature consistently fails to include representation from people holding independent political views. Although more than one third of voters in Maine are registered as independents, the two major parties hold nearly all the seats in the Maine Legislature.

Ask your legislators to propose legislation that will allow a fair number of independents to serve in Maine's Legislature.