Thank You Brunswick!

About Fred

Hi, I’m Fred Horch. It was my privilege and pleasure to have been your choice for positive change as our Green Independent candidate for Representative in 2020. I congratulate the Democrats on their victory and pray that they will make wise decisions as they continue to govern Maine.

To everyone who volunteered with our campaign, to all who supported me, and to those who voted for me, thank you. Although I won’t be representing us in the Maine Legislature, I will keep working for a better future—and I hope you will, too.

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Make Maine Work Better for Everyone

Poverty, pollution and partisan feuding threaten our future. Please join me to take effective action for positive change.

Thank You for the Endorsements and Distinction

I want to thank the Maine People's Alliance, the Sierra Club Maine Chapter, and the Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund for endorsing my candidacy. I also want to thank Moms Demand Action for recognizing me as a Gun Sense candidate of distinction.

Retiring from Politics

I am retiring from politics after giving it my all in four campaigns for the state legislature. The 2020 election was my last and best opportunity: running with the support of a great campaign team, multiple endorsements from respected organizations, and ample clean election funding for an open seat in the Maine House against a relatively unknown Democratic nominee without a Republican on the ballot.

Instead of continuing to seek elected office myself, I will keep working for positive change in other ways. I hope one day someone else can bring a much-needed Green Independent voice to our government.