Issues and Solutions

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Let's make Maine work better for everyone. Good government, enabled by effective legislation, guarantees we can meet our basic needs, ensures we can protect our well being, and promises we can achieve our potential. I am asking for your support to grow Maine to a future where all Mainers can satisfy our hunger, secure our housing, and maintain our health, while enjoying our lives together.

Lobbyists write most of our legislation -- therefore we must examine every bill closely to know who benefits and who pays. Partisan rancor is often drowning out reasoned debate -- but we need votes from both Democrats and Republicans to pass budgets and enact laws.

Our top priority now must be overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. But the enormity of that challenge does not diminish other challenges as we make Maine work better for everyone. Here are my thoughts about the budget and recent legislation. I look forward to learning what you think. We are all in this together.

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