Letters and Statements of Support

What a delight to be able to support Fred Horch in his race for the District 49 House seat. I’ve known Fred for almost 20 years... A Green Independent, Fred shares my priorities, including a healthy environment, clean energy, fully funding education, universal health care and restoring civility to politics.

– Debbie Atwood

I know Fred Horch as a parent and a business man because he owned a cool store in town and as a volunteer in the garden where I work with the students at Brunswick High School. I think Fred is a kind, honest guy who listens to people—all kinds of people.

– Kim Bolshaw

With his background in the environmental field Fred is uniquely qualified to participate and lead in addressing this and other major concerns. ... Fred's willingness and ability to listen, to learn and to lead will assure the voters of District 49 of excellent representation in the State Legislature. Please join me in voting for K. Frederick Horch.

– Christine DeTroy

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to support Fred Horch for Brunswick District 49 representative to the Maine Legislature. I know Fred as a neighbor, friend and a person of exceptional loyalty and integrity. ... Fred believes in treating all people with fairness and respect. He is a stand-up guy who will bring an informed and open mind to Augusta.

– Mary Heath

I urge Brunswick voters in District 49 (the western half of Brunswick) to support Fred Horch for Representative to the Maine Legislature. After years of working in the media, it is refreshing to be able to speak freely about my own political opinions. It is also refreshing to have found a candidate, Fred Horch, whose positions on critical issues match my own.

– Michelle Lester

I have known Fred for many years and think of him as a great example of someone who lives his values and shows the way for the rest of us. ... Fred sets the bar high for his personal standards of sustainable living and I know that he will drive the state’s agenda in the right direction when it comes to renewable energy, environmental protections, equitable healthcare and education for all and a sound economy once he gets to Augusta.

– Kay Mann

I like that Fred is independent. First of all, I think being an independent takes courage. He's got a lot of great qualities—he's sincere and genuine—but he's someone who is really an independent. It takes guts to do that.

– Tom Mitchell

I have known Fred for a number of years. Many may recall ... F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods and Supplies, Fred’s marvelous green products store on Maine Street in Brunswick. Fred is highly qualified to be seated in the legislature. ... Fred is approachable, dedicated, and serious. He would make an excellent legislator. Come election day, I urge you to cast your ballot for K. Frederick Horch.

– Bronda Niese

I’m excited about Fred Horch’s campaign for State House in District 49. ... Fred is running as a Green Independent. Adding independent representatives to the mix in the Maine legislature is important in terms of breaking down partisan barriers. He has also been certified as a clean elections candidate. ... This kind of transparency in financing his campaign shows us that we can expect clarity and honesty in his decisions as a Maine State Representative.

– Rosalie Paul

Fred is a caring person, and connected with that he's a brave person. Fearless, in fact. He's courageous and fearless because he really does care about how things are going. ... He also brings into politics a very focused approach. ... When he gets to Augusta, he's going to be a catalyst within the Legislature. He will find people in both parties who, like him, have that caring approach to life. And they will be an important brigade within the Legislature for values and respect and follow through on policy. What I feel about Fred is he is a man for our times.

– John Rensenbrink

Fred is somebody who is down to earth, very solid, and very trustworthy, and will do the right thing for Mainers.

– Jon Riggleman

Our families moved to Brunswick at the same time, 18 years ago, and our daughters attended the same child care center. They became fast friends at age two and still are fast friends at age twenty, and our families became and remain close as well. The words that best describe Fred are humble, genuine, hard working, progressive, purposeful, and respected.

– Jen Scanlon & Michael Arthur

If you can vote for Angus King, you can vote for Fred Horch. In style and substance, Fred strongly resembles our Independent Senator. Like Angus, Fred is a lawyer and a business person with a deep understanding of the issues and a calm demeanor that dispels partisan rancor. I am voting for Fred because I know he has the knowledge, skills and temperament to be an effective independent legislator representing Brunswick’s District 49.

– Jeffrey Selinger

When a candidate for the Maine Legislature from Brunswick’s District 49 is as outstanding as Fred Horch, I want to share the information with every voter. ... I have worked side by side with Fred Horch in the Brunswick Rotary for nearly a decade, doing service and community projects and seeing this extraordinary leader’s skills first hand. ... This is the moment to elect Fred Horch to the Legislature. We need his honesty and character and sincere desire to build bridges between all political parties.

– Peggy Siegle

I have never before written in support of a political candidate, but with the advent of Fred Horch running for office I am feeling compelled to write. I have known Fred for a number of years as we are both members of the Brunswick Rotary Club. He is a person of a very clear and sound mind, great moral standards, full of compassion, and firm in his environmental beliefs. I do not share all of his thoughts on means to an end, but I trust his intelligence and integrity to always do the right thing.

– Dave Taft