Economic Security for a Better Future

Permanent Fund

Maine can establish a permanent fund, based on the Alaska Permanent Fund, to eliminate extreme poverty in Maine now by providing a dividend payment on a regular basis to every resident.

Please ask your legislators to enact legislation and pass a state budget that will establish a permanent fund for Maine.

Carbon Dividend

Maine can create a source of revenue for its permanent fund by establishing a tax on carbon pollution. This will encourage families, farms and businesses to make the transition away from fossil fuel to clean energy, something that we need to encourage anyway.

Because Maine has around one and a half million residents, but hosts tens of millions of visitors each year, much of the tax paid on pollution will be paid by visitors. The dividend, on the other hand, will be paid only to Maine residents.

The net effect of a carbon tax and dividend in Maine will be to transfer more wealth from visitors to residents of Maine, and accelerate our transition to clean energy to power our economy.

Please ask your legislators to enact legislation and pass a state budget to establish a carbon tax to be deposited into the Maine Permanent Fund to create a steady stream of dividend payments to all Maine residents.

Maine State Bank

Maine can establish a state bank to streamline financial transactions with all Maine residents. The Maine State Bank can provide a free banking service to every Maine resident.

To facilitate collection of taxes and payment of dividends, every Maine resident and tax filer can be provided a free checking account at the Maine State Bank. A debit card can provide no fee deposits and withdrawals at any automated cash machine in Maine.

To serve everyone in Maine, but encourage people to continue using other banking services as well, accounts at the Maine State Bank can charge no fees for balances below $10,000. But balances above that can be charged a graduated fee, with the percentage increasing for higher balances. The goal is to provide a free account for a limited amount of funds, but to encourage people to withdraw funds from their Maine State Bank account as they are able.

Please encourage your legislators to enact legislation and pass a state budget that creates a Maine State Bank to save time and money for everyone in Maine.

Basic Income

Once our economy is on a stronger and sustainable footing, we can begin increasing the amount of revenue flowing to the Maine Permanent Fund and being distributed as dividends to every Maine resident.

While we are burning fossil fuel to power our economy this is not possible, because paying for fossil fuel drains money out of our economy and subjects us to enormous risks as the supply of fossil fuel is limited and out of our control. But once our economy is powered entirely by solar energy that we harness ourselves, we will be able to grow wealth quickly and permanently. At this point, we can consider a basic income.

A basic income is a dividend payment that covers all basic living expenses. Wealthy families already provide this unearned income guarantee to their members. A basic income extends this economic opportunity to everyone.

Please encourage your legislators to enact legislation to begin more seriously studying the conditions necessary to provide a basic income to every Maine resident, and to begin to consider the broader social ramifications of extending the ability to live on dividends beyond the upper class to our entire population.