Support the Horch Campaign

Contributions from more than 75 registered voters in our district have qualified me to be a clean election candidate and allowed me to begin building a strong campaign team. Our campaign has started receiving limited public funding. The Maine Clean Election Fund is paying for all of our campaign expenses from now on.

If you have already contributed to the fund, thank you! If you have not, please

This year, the clean election system is tiered. To fully fund our campaign, the Maine Clean Election Fund must receive contributions from at least 180 registered voters in Brunswick who support me.

Our campaign is committed to abide fully by the Maine Code of Fair Campaign Practices and to obtain the full amount of clean election funding so we can compete effectively against the other campaigns that are receiving more money and big-party assistance.

If you are registered to vote in Maine House District 49 (the western half of Brunswick), you may contribute $5 to the Maine Clean Election Fund to help us receive additional funding.

If you live outside the district, or are not registered to vote, you may not contribute financially to our campaign. But you can volunteer!

You can also support our campaign by sharing a letter or video with your personal endorsement. Or you could host a virtual house party; our campaign will be organizing those and would be happy to help you schedule a mutually convenient time, send out invitations, and provide the video conferencing platform. If you are interested in supporting our campaign in any way, please email me at or Debbie Atwood, campaign manager, at

Notes on Campaign Finances and Practices

We will not spend any clean election campaign funds on lawn signs. They end up taking up space in our landfill (which will be closing next year) and I personally believe they are overall a poor use of public funds. Instead, our campaign will distribute items like buttons, magnetic bumper stickers and removable window clings to people who support us. Our campaign will not charge for any promotional material.

Furthermore, as part of my commitment to responsible campaign practices, we are using black ink on uncoated paper stock for handouts. I feel this strikes a reasonable balance between glossy color brochures, which are excessively wasteful, and no print material at all, which is excessively frugal. If you receive a handout directly from our campaign, it has been printed on 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper which you may safely and easily compost, recycle or burn.

Please do not throw away compostable paper in a "Blue Bag" since that wastes your money and burdens our landfill.

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