Horch Campaign Volunteer Agreement

We ask every volunteer to agree to be safe and responsible while volunteering for the Horch Campaign.

You can download a PDF version of our Volunteer Agreement to sign and email back to us at <electfredhorch@gmail.com>. Or you can sign a paper copy the first time you come to a volunteer event.



Thank you for volunteering your valuable time and energy to Fred’s campaign for the Maine House of Representatives. You are a crucial part of a winning campaign!

The Horch for Maine 2020 Campaign is a political association. Our goal is having Fred Horch elected to the Maine House of Representatives in the fall of 2020. Our campaign has qualified for clean election funding and is committed to the Maine Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

Before we unleash your creative potential to participate in our grassroots democracy, we need to make sure we agree about how we’re working together. You will be a volunteer for the Horch for Maine 2020 Campaign, not an employee or an independent contractor.

In this document, we ask you

2020 Maine Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Fred has promised to uphold the 2020 Maine Code of Fair Campaign Practices. As a volunteer for his campaign, you agree to help him do the following:

  1. Conduct his campaign in a manner consistent with the best Maine and American traditions, discussing the issues and presenting his record and policies with sincerity and candor;
  2. Uphold the right of every qualified voter to free and equal participation in the election process;
  3. Not participate in and shall condemn defamation of and other attacks on any opposing candidate or party that he does not believe to be truthful, provable, and relevant to his campaign;
  4. Not use or authorize and shall condemn material relating to his campaign that falsifies, misrepresents, or distorts the facts, including malicious or unfounded accusations creating or exploiting doubts as to the morality, patriotism, or motivations of any party or candidate;
  5. Not appeal to and shall condemn appeals to prejudices based on race, creed, sex, or national origin;
  6. Not practice and shall condemn practices that tend to corrupt or undermine the system of free election or that hamper or prevent the free expression of the will of the voters; and
  7. Promptly and publicly repudiate the support of any individual who or group that resorts, on behalf of his candidacy or in opposition to that of an opponent, to methods in violation of the letter or spirit of this code.

By signing below, you agree to commit to helping our campaign uphold these practices. In particular, you agree to refrain from the following while you are volunteering for Fred:

We are running a positive campaign to give interested voters information about Fred with the goal of electing him to be one of the next Representatives to the Legislature from Brunswick.


You affirm that you are volunteering your time and services of your own free will, and not in expectation of any financial payment or future services. You understand that you will not be reimbursed for expenses.

If you contribute any writing or art work (“intellectual property”) to the campaign, you affirm that it is your own original work or that you have a valid, fully-paid-up license to use the work.


You agree to release and hold harmless the Horch for Maine 2020 Campaign for any injuries or expenses you incur while volunteering. For example, if you drive around Brunswick to hang door hangers for us, you will not be reimbursed for gas or mileage. If you get into an accident while doing so, your regular car insurance will handle the claim, not the Horch campaign.

Thank you again for participating in our democracy as a volunteer for the Horch for Maine 2020 Campaign!



Printed Name


Horch for Maine 2020 Campaign


Fred Horch