Why I Am Running for Maine House

Last update: Saturday, August 29, 2020

Between October 6 and November 3, 2020, we will elect our state legislators. I ask for your vote to become one of these lawmakers who will meet for the next two years to help govern Maine.

My goal is to make Maine work better for all of us. For example, we can improve how we fund public education at the state level, how we power Maine to grow a stronger and more sustainable economy, and how we guarantee affordable access to quality health care, to name just three priorities.

This website explains who I am and how I will serve you in Augusta; shares my views on every issue that citizens, journalists, and lobbyists have asked me to consider; and describes essential state government services available to you.

I am an independent with Green values, so I am running as a Green Independent. I also have a practical reason to run as a Green Independent: I can do a better job as an independent than I could as a Democrat or a Republican. As a Green Independent I can decide each issue on the merits rather than the party line, I can be an effective bridge between the parties when they are deadlocked, and I can provide honest and independent feedback and counsel to the leadership of both major parties as they develop their policy agendas.

I am updating this website as I campaign. Please share your ideas for what to include in future editions.

Thank you for thoughtfully exercising your right to vote. I’m counting on your support!


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